3 New Updates dropped about Cardano’s Core Network upgrade in 2022


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A recent blog post by the company that manages the operation and maintain Cardano (ADA) IOHK mentioned and puts information regarding the upgrade planned for the network in 2022

Developers of the Cardano (ADA) blockchain network said they are focusing on improving their platform’s scalability and performance optimization in 2022. These were some insights of the plan bringing an upgrade on the Cardano network this year mentioned in a recent blog post on IOHK.

Input-Output Hong Kong or IOHK released a new blog post in which the company’s marketing and communications director Tim Harrison told Cardano holders and inventors that they could expect powerful and significant improvements and enhancements to ADA because of upgrades in the coming year. 

As per Tim Harrison, the developers of Cardano will be optimizing, working on scaling and bringing new features by deploying new releases in upcoming months. Developers at the network will do all this well defined and incremental updates that will add on with the latest features for their technology that will stack into more easy to manage timely releases. 

Further, Tim wrote that the developers are in the very final stages of their preparation regarding their February release of upgrading the core Cardano network. For those who don’t know, Cardano plans to bring an upgrade in the year 2022, which is divided into three parts and will be released accordingly. February has been dated to release the first code drop, and the other two drops will be followed in June and October. 

Harrison said that the main focus of these upgrades would be improving the ‘delivery predictability’ of Cardano’s ecosystem. The network has grown remarkably to date and will grow even more this year and so on. A specific window will be created so that those companies that rely on Cardano will get to know about major updates or releases whenever they update in the future to prepare accordingly. 

Providing some details about the first phase of the Cardano core network upgrade, Tim said that this upgrade would provide five enhancements solely aimed at developers and projects like Decentralized finance, smart contracts and decentralized applications, etc., on the Cardano ecosystem. 

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