A New Option “Select NFT” Coming to Twitter, Dating App Bumble Hiring the “Head of Crypto and Web3”


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Jack Dorsey’s Twitter will allow NFT profiles to be displayed in a different shape to the regular round images, found app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. Another assessment of Twitter’s code, this time by Jane Manchun Wong, showed that the social media giant would soon provide its users with a new option called “Select NFT” to update their profile image. Users will then need to connect their crypto wallet to link their NFT collection directly into Twitter’s display tool. https://twitter.com/androolloyd/status/1459717698905165825 With this, the idea is to verify the ownership of the NFT. In September, Twitter announced that it would roll out a way for users to authenticate their NFTs on the platform. An early preview showed that users could link their personal cryptocurrency wallets and NFT marketplace OpenSea accounts to showcase their NFTs directly on Twitter. The feature, accessible through the Edit Profile option, also showed that it allowed users to choose an avatar from their NFT collection to replace their profile picture.

Crypto Enters The Dating World

In other news, online dating app Bumble is hiring an executive role of “Head of Crypto and Web3,” as per the company’s job posting. The person will be responsible for laying the foundation to support Bumble’s crypto strategy, focusing on the creator economy. Bumble President Tariq Shaukat said in an interview,

“What we really think is really interesting in the near term is the application of blockchain and crypto in general to the experience that our communities have. Fundamentally, we are not just an ecosystem, but we are a community of people.”

Bumble is testing several things related to crypto that will be rolled out in the coming months, said Shaukat.

“This is something that is going to evolve. We want to make sure we’re setting the technical engineering foundation for whatever emerges in the metaverse and in the Web 3 world.”

Earlier last month, as we reported, the popular dating app Tinder also announced that it is rolling out an in-app currency so as to encourage users to spend more time swiping and spending real money on the app. The company expects the coins to play “an important role” because virtual currency is useful in the context of gifting digital goods, said Chief Financial Officer Gary Swidler at the time.

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