A song about a play-to-earn video game broke Seedify’s records in 17 seconds!

Brazilian rapper – Pedro Qualy released a song that was about a recently released NFT game called Mouse Haunt. Like many other rappers in the industry, partnerships with different companies can be highly beneficial for their careers. Padro’s partnership with play-to-earn game Mouse Haunt broke the records on Seedify.

In their IDO, Mouse Haunt broke the records in about 17 seconds, depleting around 1,425,000 Mouse Haunt tokens. They have managed to sell some of their first packs with NFTs and will soon be open to revealing what mice they got.

Mouse Haunt had fast community growth on Twitter of 100,000 followers

Every game has its own, unique soundtrack. Pedro used some of the elements of Mouse Haunt soundtrack as the beat of his song. When it comes to the lyrics, they were entirely written by Pedro Qualy and Mouse Haunt’s CEO Pedro D’Andrea. The lyrics were about the gameplay of the already mentioned game.

Mouse Haunt will be available for players in March 2022, according to the reports. Developers say that the first game mode to be released will be “Lock and Load” and it is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022. However, the PvP game mode “Castle Heist” which will be explained below, is scheduled for the third quarter of 2022.

Pedro Qualy is going to have his own NFT mouse figurine in the game that will look like him, with tattoos and other personal features. It is going to be a limited and extremely rare NFT in this blockchain game.

The concept of Mouse Haunt video game

In Mouse Haunt game, which is also multiplayer, you get to choose what Mouse character you are going to play with. Not every mouse is the same, they all have different characteristics that will help you escape different enemies known as ghost villains. The main goal of the game is to get the cheese.

A lot of players are saying that their favorite thing about the game is the fact it is asymmetrical. That means that in every game, one player gets to be the ghost while others play as mouse heroes. However, if you get killed by the player who is playing the ghost, you will join them and try to kill the remaining players that are left in the mice team.

As in many other video games, items come in different rarities and so do heroes in Mouse Haunt. They will have four rarities, starting with common, then rare, epic and in the end, we have legendary, that is going to represent some of the rarest heroes in the game.

Ghosts have the ability to possess the objects that are scattered around the map that can be used to attack the mice. They can also activate traps that can be deadly for the players, such as wrecking balls.

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