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AsicWay, an innovative technology company, announced on October 8, 2021, that it was entering the crypto mining space. They have released a series of crypto mining equipment, designed to be competitive with other crypto miners in the market. Their goal is to ensure that the benefits of crypto mining reach the masses. To achieve this goal, their miners are designed to be used by people without experience or any technical expertise. AsicWay stated that their miners guarantee miners a return on investment in just one month.

Miners Offered By AsicWay

AsicWay offers three miners to consumers. These are the AW1, AW2, and AW PRO. All of these miners can mine BTC, LTC, ETH, and MONERO. They are based on the latest ASIC technology. A major highlight of their miners is the high hash rate. According to figures given by AsicWay, their miners have the highest hash rate of any mining hardware in the market. Additionally, the miners offer low power consumption rates, which is a major consideration for miners.

Hashrate And Power Consumption

AsicWay’s official figures show that their AW1 miner can mine BTC at a hash rate of 380 TH/s while using up 650W of power, and sells for $5000. Their AW2 mining rig can mine BTC at a hash rate of 610 TH/s while consuming 850W of power, and sells for $7000, while the AW PRO mining rig can mine BTC at a hash rate of 1959 TH/s while consuming 2200W of power, and sells for $18,000.

The impressive combination of low power consumption and hash rates makes them a great opportunity for miners to make a profit mining different coins. Additionally, the mining rigs are designed to be super easy to operate. To achieve this goal, their miners come pre-configured with a Linux-based system. Additionally, these miners only require a moderate minimum speed of 10KB/s for uploads and downloads.

The Team Behind AsicWay

The team behind AsicWay comprises a team that strongly believes in the benefits of sharing the benefits of crypto mining with the masses. Their goal is to ensure that everyone, despite their technical skills, should benefit from crypto mining. Thus, they created a product with that goal in mind.

A senior spokesperson for the company stated that

“Our vision behind creating AsicWay was to simplify the idea of crypto mining so that even the most technologically-challenged individuals can benefit from it. We are hopeful about scripting a new era in crypto mining with these products.”

What Is AsicWay

AsicWay is an innovative tech company that was created by a team of engineers and great minds. They were inspired by the idea of bringing the best technology to the crypto mining world. Their goal is to open up opportunities in the cryptocurrency mining world to all types of investors. They ship their products globally and accept payment in BTC, LTC, and ETH.

Growing Interest In Crypto Mining

As the cryptocurrency industry has continued to grow, it has led to increased interest in how to enter the sector. While most people still prefer to buy and sell crypto, there is a huge opportunity for crypto miners. However, the high cost of power and various restrictions globally, means that most of the crypto mining activity is restricted to a few regions of the world with cheap power, such as China. However, legal restrictions on the sector in China, have seen miners move to other places in the world, such as Texas.

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