China courts improve evidence collection through blockchain

China’s legal system is looking into blockchain technology to improve its online smart court system and enhance information sharing and evidence submission.

Fast facts

  • China’s supreme court released on Tuesday a set of rules allowing courts to verify and recognize evidence submitted through a blockchain-powered platform.
  • Last year, a court in Guangzhou, the capital city of China’s southeastern Guangdong province, started using a blockchain system in a lending dispute case where some evidence submission and cross-examination were conducted online.
  • More courts in various cities of China have adopted blockchain in facilitating legal proceedings in the past.
  • Guangzhou joins numerous courts in at least seven different regions including harbor city Hangzhou and capital Beijing in adopting blockchain for evidence preservation.
  • China has come early to incorporating blockchain to the legal game on the backdrop of President Xi Jinping’s “national priority” label given to the technology.
  • As early as September 2018, China’s supreme court recognized blockchain technology as a legitimate means to collect, fix and tamper-proof data.

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