Coinbase Announces Planned Listing of Tokens, Adds $NEST to ‘Experimental Asset’ Label

Leading United States-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced on Monday its plan to list six tokens on its platform, which could become part of its listing “roadmap.”

Coinbase Prepares to List Six Tokens

The exchange noted that it would list five Ethereum-based tokens –  Celer Network, Nest Protocol, Stargate Finance, SuperRare, and TE-Food – alongside the Solana-based token, Raydium.

Coinbase noted that actions to list these tokens can be withdrawn, meaning that plans to list any of them can be halted. To that end, the trading platform urged potential investors to hold on until the assets get listed on the exchange before they can commence purchasing or trading the tokens.

Coinbase stated that it does not take into account the market capitalization or popularity of a token before listing them. It mentioned, however, that a token would need to meet up to certain requirements before being listed, such as achieving the required “standard for legal, compliance and technical security” set by Coinbase.

Meanwhile, the crypto exchange noted that a token will not be listed when it does not meet the requirements. Another reason a token may not get listed when users expect it is the lack of adequate information about the asset. It is also noteworthy that the listed tokens can be de-listed if they fall short of the requirements.

Coinbase Adds Nest Protocol to ‘Experimental Asset’ Label

Coinbase added the native token of Ethereum-based price prediction platform Nest Protocol, $NEST, to its ‘Experimental Asset’ label.

On Coinbase platforms, new assets and assets with low trading volume are termed experimental assets. Such assets can be identified in the Asset Directory section of the platform. This label, however, does not prevent users from interacting with the listed token.

Coinbase Employee Involves in Insider Trading

According to last week’s report, Ishan Wahi, a former Coinbase product manager, was convicted of involvement in insider trading, where he shared information about an upcoming token listing with his brother Nikhil Wahi, and a friend Sameer Ramani.

While the Wahi brothers have been sentenced to years in prison by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), Ramani is yet to be apprehended.

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