Dogelon Mars Introduces xELON in a Bid to Expand into DeFi and Staking

Dogelon Mars unveiled its next developmental step. This time, the community of Dogelon Mars is working hard to transport xELON into its ecosystem. What’s more, Dogelon Mars is building DeFi and staking opportunities with a new contract.

Revealing the project in a tweet, the Dogelon team says xELON is introducing Dogelon into its DeFi universe. Furthermore, it will act as a governance token, and also as a protocol for earning.  Alongside this, it will be a staking incentive for ELON.

The Dogelon Mars community is working hard to teleport xELON into this dimension! xELON brings Dogelon into the DeFi universe as a:

🏛 Governance token
📈 DeFi earning protocol
🥩 $ELON staking incentive

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— Dogelon Mars (@DogelonMars) November 4, 2021

Certainly, xELON is the governance token that will provide incentives for the Dogelon Mars DeFi ecosystem. And also, facilitate decision-making. Dogelon is up 35.03% and trades at $0.000001652. Additionally, the CoinMarketCap ranking is #116, with a live market cap of $938,005,754 USD.

Specifically, Dogelon Mars started an ERC20 token with 50% of supply for liquidity locked in Uniswap. Meanwhile, the other half was sent to Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin. Moreover, early members of the community organized airdrops of ELON to people that were affected by the various rug pulls.

In a charitable bid, Vitalik donated all of his ELON to the Methuselah Foundation for life extension research and longevity. In turn, the foundation assured that they will steward the trove for at least a year starting from May 2021.

The Dogelon Mars team encourages the community to watch out for the full contract address of the new token which will be announced soon.

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