Founder of TRON Justin Sun is Gonna Travel to Space After Charitable Donation

  • Justin Sun, founder of Tron has won a $28 cardinal bid and will be traveling to space with five others.

Justin Sun, Ambassador Permanent Representative of Grenada to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Founder of TRON, has won his $28 cardinal bid and will be traveling to space alongside five other crewmates.

Over the next three months, he’ll train five people, some from his TRON crew and others from the fields of fashion, art, conceptual exploration, and entrepreneurship. The wins went to 19 different space-based charities, each of which will get a $1 million donation. More information about this event will be revealed in the following months.

The initiative of Blue Origin

  • founded by Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin will be flying to space with 5-6 space warriors next year. Their mission is to inspire native generations to pursue STEM jobs in order to help create a prosperous place for human beings.

Blue Origin, with a lofty objective of creating a future where people can live and work in space for the benefit of earth, has successfully completed its first human trip on July 20 and returned from suborbital space over the Kármán line, the globally recognized space barrier.

Justin Sun, shot to fame when he visited Warren Buffet for a lavish meal that netted him $4.5 million in a charity auction. He also had lunch with Apple’s Steve Wozniak, after his announcement last year of a “secret project” for the TRX ecosystem.

Sea of Stars

Sun is starting the “Sea of Stars” campaign, called after a Chinese metaphor, as part of his planned expedition to express that Earth is where the chapter of human existence begins for future generations, not where it ends. The infinite Sea of Stars is indeed the future frontier. 

He will be traveling around the United States in the following months. Justin Sun will select five extraordinary men and women to accompany him on his journey.

 Members of the TRON community, which includes long-term holders of TRX, BTT, JST, SUN, NFT, and WIN, as well as other notable figures from the world of fashion, art, technology, space exploration, and entrepreneurship, may be nominated. In the next months, further information about the nomination process and criteria will be released.

Justin Sun is recognized for his big dreams, as seen by his previous crypto-based ventures, and his current linked projects. The Tron community is looking forward to his journey to space.

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