GhostMarket adds OneGate wallet support

GhostMarket has announced its integration of OneGate, a Neo N3 blockchain wallet and dApp gateway. Currently available for Android and iOS via TestFlight, OneGate allows users to directly buy, sell, and view NFTs on GhostMarket from within the app.

Built as a gateway to the Neo N3 ecosystem, OneGate includes a dApp store with links to supported applications. Previously, the wallet could only be used with the N3 Governance app to manage votes for Neo Council members. With the integration now complete, OneGate can be used to access all GhostMarket functionality from within the mobile wallet.

To start using GhostMarket with a wallet created or imported into OneGate, users will need to navigate to the wallets page within the GhostMarket app, then choose to log in with OneGate.

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