Gnosis Safe confirms SAFE token airdrop to more than 21,000 users

Gnosis Safe has confirmed an airdrop of its native token, SAFE. 

Gnosis Safe released a spreadsheet highlighting 21,935 Safes (users) are eligible for the airdrop, with an average distribution for each Safe being 2,279 tokens. 

Gnosis Safe is used by various DAOs, institutions, and individuals in the industry, such as ConsenSys, Aave, and Synthetix. 

 Gnosis Safe currently secures over $38 billion worth of assets.  

At 10:53 a.m. ET Wednesday, Gnosis Safe tweeted out the proposal for the user distribution of the airdrop after the initial proposal from February 9 was passed. 

After raising a strategic funding round of $100 million in July, the goal of the SAFE token will be to govern the Gnosis Safe ecosystem through the newly established SafeDAO. The token will also be used to distribute value capture from the protocol to its users.  

Gnosis Safe is also in the progress of setting up the Safe Foundation based in Switzerland, which will oversee areas such as intellectual property, GitHub repositories, and strategic investments. The foundation itself will also issue the SAFE token. 

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