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Golem is a flexible, open-source platform for democratized access to digital resources. You can rent your idle resources, get paid in tokens $GLM. This might turn up to be worth your time as the token has been listed in many exchanges and recently in KuCoin. You may find out more about the Golem community by accepting the invite here.

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— KUCOIN (@kucoincom) November 17, 2021

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1. What is Golem cryptocurrency?

2. What is the GNT to GLM migration process?

3. How does GLM function?

4. Price history of Golem

5. Roadmap for Golem

6. Current price of Golem

7. Technical analysis of the Golem network token

8. Fundamental analysis of the Golem network coin

9. Golem price forecast/predictions for 2021-2030

10. Conclusion

11. FAQs

What is Golem cryptocurrency?

GLM is an ERC-20 token (based on Ethereum). GLM is a utility token used to gain access to the Golem Network. It is the money utilized in peer-to-peer transactions for renting idle digital resources such as spare computing power. GLM is currently available on big centralized exchanges, also on Uniswap, and other exchanges.


Source: 123RF

What is the GNT to GLM migration process?

GNT is being replaced by GLM. The contract address has been modified from: 0xa74476443119a942de498590fe1f2454d7d4ac0d to 0x7DD9c5Cba05E151C895FDe1CF355C9A1D5DA6429.

GNT, the old coin of the Golem Network, started its transition to GLM towards the conclusion of 2020. The migration is continuing and has no set end date. Users may switch from GNT to GLM at a 1:1 ratio. The transition is gradual and will eventually lead to the same maximum total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens.

GNT to GLM Migration

Source: Blog.Golem

How does GLM function?

The two most important nodes in the Golem network are the requestor and the supplier. A Golem network member that provides hardware resources in exchange for Golem tokens is known as a provider. Almost any computer may act as a provider.

How Golem function

Source: Coincentral

After a provider has placed their available computing power in the marketplace, Golem employs an identical approach to find requestors.

When compared to Amazon Web Services, developers get more straightforward access to the network. Because of Golem’s low entry-barrier policy, developers may pay per usage rather than long-term subscriptions.

Price history of Golem

The cryptocurrency’s present value has dropped by -0.19 percent in the last 24 hours. When we compare the current market capitalization of the GNT to the previous day’s market cap, we can observe that the market cap is likewise down.

The GNT rising trend during the previous seven days made it increase by 1.99 percent. Golem has recently portrayed a lot of promise, and now may be an excellent time to get in and invest.

History Data of Golem

Source: CoinGecko

GNT’s price has dropped by -90.401 percent in the previous month, removing a substantial average amount of $0.49 from its present worth. This abrupt drop indicates that the currency is now slumped, suggesting that it might be an excellent purchase opportunity for a quick investment.

The price was between a minimum price of $0.12 and a maximum price of $0.12 during the last 90 days, resulting in a -54.92 percent price change.

In the last four months, Golem has dropped by -54.92 percent, with the most excellent average price of the currency being around $0.12 and the minimum price around $0.12.

Roadmap for Golem

Roadmap for Golem

Source: Twitter


DEVCON0’s first presentation


  • In DEVCON1, the CEO of Golem Network will showcase
  • Nanopayments in Ethereum.


  • Originally intended to be supported via DAOist.
  • November – Golem Network is one of the first initiatives to crowdfund for construction.


The initial Golem implementation, Brass Golem, is one of the novel applications released on the Ethereum mainnet.


  • The new Golem network is being introduced and launched.
  • Token migration to ERC20 begins.
  • One of the first dApps that accept Layer 2 payments.


The mainnet for Golem’s yagna implementation has been launched.

Current price of Golem

  • The price of a Golem is $0.549745.
  • Price Change in 24 Hours – $0.0232 4.24 Percentage
  • $0.523622 / $0.608436 – 24h Low / 24h High
  • Trading Volume in 24 Hours – $64,931,246
  • $534,099,927 in market capitalization
Current price of Golem

Source: CoinGecko

Technical analysis of the Golem network token

Even though 100 percent correct technical analysis for Golem Network Token is unlikely based on historical data, you can check the real-time summed GNT buy-and-sell rating for a specified period on this sophisticated technical analysis tool by TradingView. The analysis for GNT/USD is derived from the most often used technical indicators, which are Moving Averages, Oscillators, and Pivots.

Technical forecast of the Golem Network Token

Source: Tradingview

Fundamental analysis of the Golem network coin

Golem (GLM) Price Prediction 2021-2030 1

Source: Coingecko

Golem price forecast/predictions for 2021-2030

If you’re seeking Golem price predictions for 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030, and would like to know where the prices of Golem (GNT) would be in the future? We’ll look at GNT’s pricing and see what experts think about its potential price movements.

Please bear in mind that this forecast, like all others, should be viewed with the understanding that it is only the opinion of some market experts/analysts.

Not to add that anticipating anything that precise is impossible. But we shall give it our all. Let’s get started.

Golem price prediction for  2021

As per our in-depth technical analysis of GNT price history, the price of Golem is expected to hit a low of $  0.497 in 2021. With an estimated market price of $0.56, the GNT price may reach a high of $0.81.

Source: Walletinvestor

Golem price prediction for 2022

In 2022, there should be a Golem price drop fall to a low of $0.796. In 2022, the GLM price might reach a maximum price of $0.92 with an average cost of $0.877.

Source: Walletinvestor

Golem price prediction for 2023

According to the Golem price forecast and technical analysis, the value of Golem is expected to hit a low of $1.06  in 2023. With a mean daily trading price of $1.17, the GNT price may reach a high of $1.29.

Golem price prediction for 2024

In 2024, the price of one Golem is predicted to be as low as $0.16. In 2024, the GNT price may reach a high of $0.20 with an average of $0.17.

Golem price prediction for 2025

In 2025, the value of a Golem is expected to be as low as $1.69. According to our estimates, the GNT price might reach a high of $1.55, with an average projected price of $1.41.

Golem price prediction for 2026

According to our in-depth technical research of GNT price history, the value of Golem in 2026 is expected to be about $1.79.  The Golem price may reach a high of $2 in USD, with an average daily trading value of $1.89.

Golem price prediction for 2027

In 2027, the value of Golem is expected to be as low as $2.25. Throughout 2027, according to the GLM price prediction, the price might reach a high of $2.35 with an average trade price of $2.30.

Golem price prediction for 2028

According to the projection and technical analysis, the price of Golem is anticipated to hit a low of $2.43 in 2028. The GNT price has a high value of $2.53 and an average value of $2.48.

Golem price prediction for 2029

Golem’s value is predicted to drop to $0.99 by 2029. With an average price of $1.02, the Golem price might reach a peak of $1.12 in 2029

Golem price prediction for 2030

The minimal price for a Golem is predicted to be $1.43 in 2030. If the GNT price reaches $1.71, we estimate that the average value will be $14.75.


These figures illustrate that predictions for the future of Golem Network Token (GNT) are quite variable. On the subject of potential GNT price fluctuations, there is no consensus. The Golem Network Token’s future development depends on a range of factors, including announcements, new Golem Network Token innovations, the crypto ecosystem in general, legal status, and so on. Before investing in any cryptocurrency, we recommend that you do your research.

Doing things has risks.

Not doing things is usually a bigger risk.

— CZ 🔶 Binance (@cz_binance) November 20, 2021


Is it a good time to invest in Golem (GNT)?

There should be a price rise in Golem as a result of their scarcity. Keep in mind that every investment has a degree of risk involved with it. Before forming any conclusions, invest in what you are sure of its fundamentals and do as much research as possible.

Who knows what the future price of Golem is?

GNT is predicted to be worth about $0.5521 tomorrow, based on the current market conditions.

Is Golem (GLM) a good investment, will Golem price drop?

According to the data, long-term investing in Golem (GNT) seems to be a smart move. The forecast for the Golem during the next five years or more is referred to as “long-term.”

How much will Golem’s (GLM) minimum price be worth in five years?

GLM coin (GLM) will be worth about $1.79 in 5 years.

What will happen to the Golem (GLM) pricing in the future?

According to algorithmic technical analysis, the long-term price of Golem (GNT) is not expected to depreciate, a Golem price fall, or drop.

In 2023, how much would Golem (GLM) be worth?

Golem (GNT) will be worth about $1.20 in 2023.

Five years from now, how much will a Golem (GLM) be worth?

According to estimates and algorithmic study, one Golem (GNT) will cost around $1.8 in 2026.

For what use will a GLM be valued in 2025?

Golem (GNT) will cost around $1.55 in 2025, according to predictions and algorithmic studies.

Is GNT’s fate yet to be determined?

A Golem crash is not expected based on our system’s predicting.

Where I can find Golem (GLM) at its current price?

Listed here are the places where you may trade Golems for other currency (GNT).

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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