Head of Polygon China Departs; Joins Syscoin as Ecosystem Advisor

Former Head of Polygon China Charlie Hu has joined Syscoin as an Ecosystem Advisor. Mr. Hu was instrumental at Polygon in driving the ecosystem’s growth, business development, and utilizing his network of connections within Asia. He is renowned for his experience within the blockchain industry including Web 3.0 and Dapps.

Through a statement obtained by CoinQuora, Mr. Hu gave several reasons for choosing to work with the Syscoin Platform.

“First of all, Syscoin is not some fly-by-night organization.” Mr. Hu explains that Syscoin has been in the blockchain space from its early stages and has survived by continuously adapting and evolving. “The fact that they’ve not only managed to survive, but are also thriving is reason enough alone to be attached to this project.”

Mr. Hu adds that Syscoin’s combination of Bitcoin’s core security and Ethereum’s EVM alongside the upcoming implementation of ZK-Rollups gives the platform a significant edge. “Their forward-thinking strategy to follow a modular blockchain design that never forsakes low gas fees is only going to pay dividends.” Mr. Hu further states that while these advancements may not be understood by the wider market, he can see it clear as day.

Aside from Syscoin’s technological advancements, Mr. Hu commends the Syscoin Community in general.

Beyond their tech, I have found the Syscoin Community to be one of the most welcoming and well-informed that I have worked with. Anyone can go on their Discord, ask a question without worrying about sounding dumb, and there will be a member there who’s more than happy to answer or point them in the right direction.

Mr. Hu praises Syscoin’s official team who regularly interact with the community from all across the globe.

I am proud to work with such a global, decentralized team as I do my part to push us forward in China and Asia at large.

Lastly, Mr. Hu highlights the massive potential that Syscoin presents. “I cannot understate the value that this project is providing to the entire space by solving problems in a way that will allow for true mass adoption of the underlying technology.”

Mr. Hu ends by stating that he feels incredibly fortunate by joining a team and project of Syscoin’s caliber.

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