India Could Be the Next Crypto Hub, Says Coinbase CPO

  • Coinbase CPO, Surojit stated that the crypto industry could adapt more innovations.
  • He further said that India needs regulations that will ensure crypto growth.
  • He implied that India could be the next financial hub.

Coinbase Chief Product Officer (CPO) — Surojit Chatterjee, opened up in a rather candid interview where he spoke about his role at Coinbase and his journey as a product manager. The major highlight was his take on the government regulations on crypto.

To him, the crypto industry is still at an infant stage, hence, there are lots of things to build to make people’s lives better. Furthermore, in conversation at the India Internet Day, Surojit tells Gautam Gandhi, Partner at RG Advisors:

The crypto industry feels very much like the early internet days of the mid-’90s. So much to build and so early, and so much opportunity to disrupt technological, traditional industries and make people’s lives better. And that’s what inspires me, I’ve always done things that have had a massive impact

On Indian crypto regulation, he specified that if India puts the right regulations in place it will help the crypto industry grow. To add on, he also stated that if India champions innovation and entrepreneurship in digital finance and crypto, then, the country could be the next global financial hub.

Additionally, Surojit feels that decentralized finance is creating things that are disrupting traditional finance and offering lots of opportunities. In this regard, he advised young entrepreneurs:

I would say, if you are a young entrepreneur, fresh out of college and thinking about what to do, get some lessons on how to code on blockchain and do solidity coding, and learn about what’s happening in all these different projects

In February 2020, Surojit made a move to the biggest US crypto exchange — Coinbase. Unbeknownst to him, it was going to be a life-changing experience. Within 15 months, he amassed over $646 million in wealth.

Further, Surojit’s Coinbase stake rose to $180.8 million in just its first day of trading on Nasdaq on April 14, 2021. Remarkably, in the next five years, he obtained share options. The share is presently worth about $465.5 million, according to Bloomberg.

Surojit says his idea of changing his life was through education. Thus, he attended the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur (B.Tech Computer Science). He also proceeded to University at Buffalo (MS). Later, he went on to get an MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

All in all, his career spans the areas of engineering and product domains. In particular, he worked with Oracle, Google, and Flipkart. 

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