Indian dating app attempts to start metaverse dating trend

Dating platform Mingout has introduced metaverse dating in India by organizing a virtual date for two of its users in a moon-based setting.

Fast facts

  • Metaverse or virtual dating is a nascent concept in India, and Mingout hopes to create a dating revolution and make it accessible, fun and immersive.
  • Metaverse meetings — or virtual meetings — have gained traction especially during the pandemic, when physical gatherings have been restricted and the virtual world has offered a safer and efficient option to socialize. 
  • Mingout conducted over 1,000 virtual dates over the past year, but the metaverse integration can provide some of the most immersive and interactive experiences for this generation’s bachelors and bachelorettes.
  • The metaverse combines several technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. 

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