Institutional Investors Pile Into Ethereum (ETH) at Highest Rate Since November 2021: CoinShares

Leading digital assets manager CoinShares says Ethereum (ETH) institutional investment products just had their biggest week in over a year.

According to the latest Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly report, late trade reporting added $120 million to the previous week to ETH’s weekly inflows of $8 million, making it the largest on record since June of 2021. 

“Ethereum saw inflows totaling $8 million, while the corrected prior week data saw inflows totaling $120 million. These inflows mark the largest single week of inflows since June 2021 and imply a turning point in sentiment after a recent 11-week run of outflows. It also suggests that as The Merge progresses to completion, investor confidence is slowly recovering.”

Source: CoinShares

Late reporting of the previous week’s trades also raised digital asset investment products from $12 million in inflows to $343 million.

“Digital asset investment products saw inflows totaling $30 million last week, while late reporting of trades from the prior week saw inflows corrected from $12 million to $343 million, marking the largest single week of inflows since November 2021.”

Source: CoinShares

Corrections from the previous week also gave Bitcoin (BTC) its biggest week of inflows in three months.

“Bitcoin saw inflows totaling $16 million last week with the prior week of inflows corrected to $206 million, the largest single week of inflows since May 2022.”

Altcoins Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) enjoyed $1.8 million and $1.4 million of inflows, respectively, while multi-asset digital investment products suffered $2.3 million of outflows.

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