It’s Time To Add BXR To Your Watchlist

Hey Blocksters,

I just wanted to say a quick hello to the community and let you all know that the BXR token, which powers our all-in-one content platform for crypto, is now listed on CMC and Coingecko. So, be sure to add BXR to your watchlist!

Right now we’re also in the process of getting BXR listed on a few high quality exchanges. So by the end of the year, you will all start to see lots of activity with BXR.

I know that it may appear like not much has been going on over the past few months, but I promise you that nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, our team has been super busy revamping the platform and brand.

Right now, the Blockster testnet is getting ready for V2 release, and later this month, we will start releasing all the new upgrades. The new features and upgrades will be rolling out week by week during the next few months.

During this time, our goal is to build a network of over 150+ content creators and influencers that will post the latest news and money-making opportunities in crypto, such as:

It will be a never ending stream of money-making opportunities that will keep you coming back for more.

Additional new upgrades rolling out over the next few weeks include our events area which will cover all the global conference events, Blockchat our Telegram-style live chat system, upgraded new coin page, new home page… you get the idea. The entire platform has been totally revamped, and we’re really excited for you all to start visiting Blockster daily, and sharing your feedback.

Once the platform is fully optimized with performance and quality content, we will open it up to the public. Our target beta opening is Q1 2022.

You might be asking yourself, whether you should invest in BXR now, and if so why? Well in short, Blockster is soon going to become a high-traffic content platform projecting to reach 50,000,000 unique visitors per month. And with this kind of volume with a targeted crypto audience, we are going to attract many businesses to advertise on Blockster.

Just to give you a rough idea, Blockster at its peak may generate $400,000 daily ad revenue via Blockster Ads, and the only accepted currency on the Blockster Ads platform is BXR. So in layman's terms, the more ads served means more demand for BXR. And that’s just one of the first of many utilities we have planned for BXR.

So when will Blockster Ads be ready? We plan to release our first version in Q1 2022. During this time, we will invite our 200+ business partners for say a 10-day free trial to test the advertising platform. Once the pilot program period is complete, we will officially launch Blockster Ads to the public in Q2 2022.

Yes there’s still some time ahead of us before BXR’s true utility will kick start. But keep in mind, once we open up the platform, we will be building up our traffic volume daily. Meaning more and more users will be discovering what Blockster is all about:

The all-in-one content platform for news, information and money-making opportunities in crypto.

Soon, people will be asking you, “Are you a Blockster?” As in… are you into crypto? Do you have a profile set up so that you can connect on there?

Lot’s of exciting stuff coming guys!

A big thanks for all your continued support. Be sure to stay tuned for news about our V2 release.

PS – Our team is currently live at the Solana conference in Portugal. We are interviewing lots of really awesome people, and soon we’ll have more spotlight interviews with the latest and coolest Blockchain Hustlers in the industry.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel.

I’ll speak with you all soon!



Co-Founder and CMO

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