More Helping Hands Emerges As Ukraine Receives Donations In HBAR and ICX

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  • Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation in IT sector, confirmed on Twitter that nation have received more help in cryptocurrencies.
  • As per his tweet, Ukraine got $1 Million worth of HBAR tokens and $750,000 worth of ICX tokens to tackle against Russian invaders.
  • The war among Russia and Ukraine is still on fire, however, some security talks are being held as per reports, which would hopefully end this chaos in peace.

Icon-ic Save By ICX

Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation in Ukraine, Alex Bornyakov, recently made a tweet, thanking out Icon community as they receive donations in its native token ICX worth $750,000 amid persisting anarchy in nation by Russia.

Almost $750,000 in $ICX just came as a donation to Ukraine from @helloiconworld @minterchain via @_AidForUkraine. Thanks the #ICON community for this important contribution to our victory!#HelpUkraineWithCrypto at

— Alex Bornyakov (@abornyakov) March 18, 2022

Alex posted on Twitter with a link that redirects folks to their official website, exhibiting how much donation is raised, as well as what target they have set in receiving charity as of now to tackle against Russian invaders.

At the time of this writing, out of $200 Million, $58.3 Million were already raised.

Ukraine is accepting crypto donations since inception of this war and have received plenty of help from contributors, especially in crypto.

HBAR Contributes To Peace Efforts

Apart from ICX, Alex Bornyakov made another tweet on his handle, stating that Ukraine has received $1 Million worth of Hedera’s native token, HBAR.

We’ve just received $1 million in #HBAR tokens. Wallet is added to our official website
Crypto is uniquely helping Ukraine’s peace efforts. Huge thanks to the whole @hedera community for such a generous donation! In particular, @yuzkov_a and @MaxLurya !

— Alex Bornyakov (@abornyakov) March 17, 2022

He elaborated on Twitter that cryptocurrencies are distinctly giving hands to Ukraine in their peaceful attempts, and showed his gratefulness on behalf of nation towards entire Hedera community.

Ukraine have received a plethora of help in cryptocurrencies, notably from personalities like Gavin Woods, founder of Polkadot, who offered Dot tokens worth $5.8 million.

Recently, Ukraine also received donations from popular NFT collections like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Nation made announcement that they will use NFTs to fund their military forces to provide a boost.

Celebs Are Also Standing With Ukraine

Apart from crypto assets, there are prominent names in entertainment sector who took a stand to assist Ukraine in this chaotic war. Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds as well as his spouse Blake Lively, also an actress, raised up to $1 Million in donations to UN Refugee Agency to assist refugees fleeing in Ukraine.

.@VancityReynolds & I are doubling every $donated to @UNRefugeeAgency up to $1,000,000 click below if you can join us @UNRefugeeAgency is on the ground providing lifesaving aid, & working with neighboring countries to ensure protection for the 50,000+ who were just forced to flee

— Blake Lively (@blakelively) February 26, 2022

Another names to join this list were Suicide Squad actress Mula Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who together piled by over $30 Million in donations for Ukraine.

Celebrity husband and wife took this to social media platform Instagram, confirming that they have surpassed their objective to pile up $30 Million for Ukraine aid.

The war is still on fire, and it is uncertain what it will bring out for Ukraine in upcoming future. Although, folks all over globe are supporting victim nation, and making donations to help them stand against cruel invaders.

Some reports also suggest that there have been some security talks that may prove to be an aid for Ukraine in this war.

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