Mysterious Bitcoin whale transfers 20 block reward from 2010

  • Bitcoin whale appeared again transferring decade-old BTC
  • The miner has spent 20 block rewards of 2010, that worth near a billion dollar
  • The Bitcoin network has several “Sleeping Bitcoins” that awakes in a same manner

Bitcoin has gained incredible attraction amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. Since the beginning of this year several institutional as well as retail investors have jumped into the BTC wagon. As earlier this month the flagship crypto coin achieved a new all time high, some researchers observed a mysterious BTC whale moving 1000 decade-old BTC. At the time, the value of those cryptocurrency were about $68 million. According to the researchers, the whale transferred 20 block rewards from 2010. Notably, later on Friday, the mysterious miner again returned and transferred another string of 20 block rewards worth $64 million at the time of transfer.

Old mysterious Bitcoin whale returns again

In 2020, a group of researchers had discovered an extraordinary Bitcoin whale. At the time the whale popped up out of thin air and spent decade-old blockch rewards from 2010 in strings of 20 blocks at a time. Later, the same whale returned again this week after 9th June 2021. On Wednesday, the miner transferred 1000 BTC coins that were worth more than $68 million at the time of transaction. Again on Friday, the whale was observed transferring more than 1000 BTC from 2010 that were worth more than $64 million at the transaction time. 

Notably, since last year, the whale has transferred a total of 13k BTC that are derived from the mined blocks in 2010. If we estimate the current value of the coins, it is near a billion dollars. However, the transactions were made during various price ranges.

BTC network has a lot of “Sleeping Bitcoins”

Such Bitcoins that are transferred after a long time since they were mined are known as “Sleeping Bitcoins”. These BTC coins stay in the original address since the day they were mined. Notably, in the current scenario there are a lot of such coins available in the network that the on-chain researchers love to discover.

The researchers have noted that the last 2009 BTC block reward transfer derived from a block mined in February, 2009, was transferred last year in May. On the other hand, 2010 block rewards that have been sleeping for more than a decade are also rare to find being spent ten years later. However, the recent particular mysterious whale has indeed a large sum mined at the time. Hence, the whale was able to transfer 20 block rewards from 2010 in 13 different transactions.

Mysterious whales transfer other coins as well

Similar to the 20 block rewards from 2010, the mystery miner has also spent some Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Moreover, there also is 1k Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) that is still idle in the current scenario. All of the leading cryptocurrency were consolidated to one address, later 1k coins were distributed among wallets holding 10 BTC each. On the other hand, BCH was consolidated into a wallet with 1k coins and were later distributed to wallets holding 50 BCH each.

According to the privacy-o-meter tool by Blockchair, 1k BTC transfer from 2010 has suffered notable privacy issues. The tool has tethered five privacy concerns to the whale’s transaction. These issues also include matched inputs and outputs. Following the concerns, researchers believed that the whale’s movements have been quite interesting. According to a telegram GFIS research group, it is the 13th awakening that has been noticed. Moreover, the researchers have also observed that the manner of these awakenings and distributing funds are always the same.

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