NASDAQ Article Claims Crypto Market Crash Is Coming

NASDAQ released an article stating that a “crypto market crash is coming“. The article came along with tips to prepare for the crash, claiming that the crypto market was “notoriously volatile.”

In addition to the article, the stock exchange noted that the entire crypto market could drop as low as 50% in just a matter of months.

The article read:

After a price spike in November 2021, prices have trended downwards in recent months. It isn’t yet clear whether this is part of a bigger crypto market crash.

The article drew flak from the crypto community for its alleged far-fetched prediction. According to many in the crypto space, NASDAQ is only authority in the stock market, and that it is not qualified to speak regarding cryptocurrencies.

For instance, crypto news aggregator Watcher.Guru tweeted that NASDAQ is saying that an upcoming crypto market crash will happen. The tweet itself emphasized the world experts with quotation marks.

JUST IN: Nasdaq “experts” say a crypto market crash is coming.

— Watcher.Guru (@WatcherGuru) March 6, 2022

In reply to this tweet, a lot of users in the thread commented that NASDAQ experts are only experts in the stock market and not in the crypto market.

However, it should be noted that the article published on NASDAQ was written by Emma Newbery, a contributor from The Motley Fool. This means that while the article was published on NASDAQ, it was not necessarily written by one of NASDAQ’s staff.

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