NEO Price Prediction – THIS has to happen for the price to increase by 500%

The price of NEO has corrected heavily with the crypto market and reached a low of $16.37. We are currently at around $22.32. But how could the Neo price continue in the near future? What is needed for the price to explode in the coming week? Let’s tackle everything in this NEO price prediction.

Neo Price holds important support!

Neo price has often found resistance around $21 in the past. After the last crypto crash was over, the price briefly fell below $21, but the price has now regained this support again. This support is important as it was broken when the bull run started previously. Since we continue to see this as a strong support, the price could rise a little more in the near future. A price increase of over 200% is not unlikely in this case.

How High will NEO reach?

Neo might rally higher in the near future as we currently hold the $21 support. Going forward, we anticipate the price to rise to $30. This is the minimum goal. The probability of reaching the $30 resistance is 90% in our eyes. The next target is around $48 and the next target is around $66. 

Both are horizontal resistances that we could gradually work off. We strongly assume that the price will manage to reach those targets. The ultimate goal is the GoldenPocket of the down move. This price is specifically around $100. Since there is also a psychological level there, we could bounce there and continue the current downtrend. The minimum target would be $21 again.

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