Peter Thiel contributes $3.5 million to Arizona’s Blake Masters

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According to a source familiar with the payment, Peter Thiel, the billionaire venture investor, and internet entrepreneur, contributed another $3.5 million this month to a super PAC backing Blake Masters in Arizona’s extremely contested Republican Senate race.

First fresh investment 

Thiel’s first fresh investment in the super PAC, Saving Arizona, since seeding it with $10 million more than a year ago has gone unnoticed. 

Masters, a friend, and former colleague who just departed his leadership posts at Thiel’s charity and hedge fund, now has a $13.5 million stake.

Following J.D. Vance’s primary victory in Ohio on May 3, Thiel upped his investment in Masters, underscoring Thiel’s resolve to go all-in for the two populist firebrands and first-time candidates.

He poured in another $3.5 million when the author of “Hillbilly Elegy” received former President Donald Trump’s endorsement last month, and another $1.5 million in the last days of the Senate race. 

Thiel and Trump spoke by phone in the days following Vance’s victory, with the former president gushing about the result.

Masters dismissed reports that Trump 

Thiel has accompanied both candidates to meet with Trump, whose support Masters is still pursuing fiercely – a potentially game-changing endorsement in a contest with scant independent polling and no apparent front-runner.

Close to Masters say the money keeps him afloat and gives him a symbolic lift, but it’s not nearly as important as what Trump does.

Masters dismissed reports that Trump might withhold endorsements in future contests due to a shaky record in spring primaries during a question-and-answer session on Spaces, a live chat feature on Twitter, on Sunday evening, and expressed confidence that he would win the former president’s support before the August primary.

Thiel’s contributions to Masters and Vance, both millennials looking to push their party in a more nationalist direction, are among the most significant ever made to a single Senate candidate. 

If elected, they would assist libertarians to achieve their goal of strengthening Republicans who want to reduce the United States’ global role, pull down regulations, and break down speech and “political correctness” standards.

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