Price Rollercoaster, Sun’s Double-Play, Biden’s Order and 20 Crypto Jokes

This week in crypto, bitcoin and some major cryptos initially fell on Monday before recovering, and by Wednesday the traders bid the price of bitcoin up strongly in the market, supported by Joe Biden’s “watershed” executive order and the rising stock market, before slipping on Thursday again as US inflation expectedly jumped and the ECB slowed asset purchases. Ethereum went up with the broader market as the fees hit a 7-month low, configs for the final testnet before the Ethereum Merge have been released, fantom and some other tokens fell as Andre Cronje and Anton Nell quit DeFi, and a survey said that BNB won't hit an ATH this year but might reach USD 2,500 by 2030.

Meanwhile, crypto donations to Ukraine slowed down over the past weekend. However, Kraken will distribute USD 10m to its Ukrainian clients, Ukrainian blockchain devs published crypto donations guidelines for Russians and Belarus-based individuals, and Ukraine's deputy minister of digital transformation Alex Bornyakov praised crypto's efficiency, saying donations are spent on military necessities. Justin Sun seems to be “playing both sides” of the war as he talked with a senior Russian diplomat after donating to Ukraine. Meanwhile, three Ukrainian news outlets started offering exclusive content behind an NFT paywall.

The EU clarified its crypto-related sanctions on Russia and Belarus though leaving many questions unanswered, Pantera’s CEO argued that Russia sanctions may lead some countries to transition to bitcoin reserves, and a Credit Suisse report found that BTC “will probably benefit” from a new world monetary order, while Russia was exploring the notion of allowing citizens to purchase China’s fiat yuan and banks may be looking to China’s UnionPay following Visa’s and Mastercard’s operation suspension. Coinbase’s CLO said that crypto's transparent nature makes it a terrible choice for sanctions evaders, and Trezor halted its wallet shipments to Russia and Ukraine.

The US and the EU made their latest regulatory moves, Joe Biden's executive order on crypto called for consumer protection, CBDC consideration, and tech innovation support, which divided the crypto community, and before the order was confirmed, the US Treasury issued then deleted an announcement saying new crypto regulatory measures were coming. Japan’s top financial and crypto regulator put forward legal amendments to payments-related legislation, all of Japan’s crypto exchanges will adopt the FATF’s Travel Rule on April 1, and we looked into how South Korea’s next president might change crypto, economy, and politics in East Asia.

Also, eBay teased its new ‘digital wallet' and announced ‘fractionalization' plans, while crypto support returned on Stripe, accompanied by NFT support. The Caribbean CBDC is now back to life after a two-month outage.
Meanwhile, Okcoin announced a USD 165m Bitcoin plan and Goldman Sachs decided to leave Russia and is reportedly set to increase its crypto focus.

Here are your very special jokes.


GM, CT. How’s the year going so far?

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‘I’ll explain it to you. So, blockchain is…’

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Don’t know about you, sir, but I’m diversified and hodling water, flour, coffee, and cigarettes.


Fake it till you break it– I mean, make it!

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Creating a shitcoin.

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Getting into a shitcoin.

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(Not) leaving a shitcoin.


The Lexman said it all.




‘Copy-paste, bitch!’

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What a stable genius…


‘But, but, but–‘ The legend says they’re still saying ‘but’.


‘Just don’t touch it, you’ll break it.’

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A historical documentary about the future. Or a future documentary about the history. Whichever you prefer.

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