Refinable Launches Solana Integration to Become the First NFT Marketplace With Solana and EVM Compatibility

Since last April, Refinable has added multi-chain functionality to provide more flexibility and options for its users. With the newest integration of Solana, the Refinable marketplace now has Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon and more to come.  Refinable takes a large stride in being the first NFT marketplace to support Solana and Ethereum Virtual Machine. With this development, Refinable seeks to give its community exposure to a wider range of artists and buyers across top blockchain ecosystems, on one platform. 

Refinable’s marketplace also enables users and artists to freely manage their NFTs, leverage lower buyer fees, apply higher seller fees, and customize royalties. In using the platform, a 1% service fee is charged to users on SOL – making it the lowest platform fees across all Solana NFT marketplaces. Moreover, Refinable’s token, $FINE, can be used to trade NFTs, acquire a Refinable membership, enjoy corresponding tiered benefits, and gain early access to new features on the platform. Features launched in January 2022 alone include the Metaverse Gallery and Refinable’s NFT gallery experience platform. 

Additionally, with its recently launched Marketplace-as-a-Service update, Refinable enables anyone to open up their own NFT marketplace. Thus, encouraging users and artists to trade their way with $FINE. Refinable has launched for users to explore these new features and enjoy exclusive access to building an NFT marketplace that suits their wants and needs.

Attentive to user experience and engagement on the platform, Refinable has revamped their product page to showcase these new features. As Refinable is expecting an increased volume of users, assets, and collections in the near future, preparation is already underway. Users are to expect more creator tools for more efficient collection creation and sale setup, an expansion of Refinable’s Storefront’s features, and the ability to modularize sales contracts.

After Solana integration, Refinable is working on major infrastructure upgrades to increase network & data reliability on all supported chains, and efforts to scale up their platform to accommodate the ever-expanding NFT market.

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About Refinable

Refinable helps creators and merchants thrive by offering accessible and scalable Web3 commerce tools. We began as a decentralized multi-chain NFT marketplace for users to trade items from across the metaverse. Now, we aim to empower projects, creators, and traders to create the latest and greatest in Web3 through their own decentralized NFT storefronts.

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