Stellar USDC integration is on Okcoin exchange, 1st in the USA

Recently, crypto exchanges have announced with SDF that Stellar USDC is now available on the platform. 

Okcoin is now trading Stellar USDC as they announced

Since the Stellar USDC combined, it sought its ground to place itself. It seems like their wait ends here, and efforts have resulted in listing on one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange and trading platforms, Okcoin. 

On Thursday, in a joint announcement, Okcoin and Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) stated that now Stellar USDC is available on Okcoin for trading, exchange and every possible operation purpose.

Impact of Stellar USDC on Okcoin

After the announcement and deployment of stellar USDC in Okcoin, the exchange became the first US exchange for depositing. Now for Okcoin users, it will be easy and convenient to take advantage of USDC speed and low cost with Stellar safety and security. 

CEO of Okcoin, Hong Fans, said that the exchange is broad to be the first cryptocurrency exchange for bringing the anticipated stellar USDC to the US market. He further said that stablecoins play a crucial role in a decentralized economy and its assets. Stellar USDC has utility, security, and speed, making it a perfect and natural fit for Okcoin’s platform. 

Executive director and CEO of Stellar development foundation, Denelle Dixon, sait that the integration would ensure that the leverage of USDC on Stellar utility reach more and more users. For the sake of opening up payments and expanding their use cases. He also thanks Okcoin for providing the access which gives exposure to users. 


Stellar USDC

Stablecoins, with their launch, became the priority and favourite of those who see cryptocurrencies as a medium and way of transaction, not just as an investment opportunity that would exponentially grow their capital. USDC also possesses this privilege, and it’s visible from its market capitalization. 

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies enabled on blockchain technology evolved the system and brought life changing innovations; such an example is Stellar. Collaboration between them can be seen as an opportunity for crypto users to have advantages in both worlds. 

Stellar USDC enables swift transactions at bare minimum transaction cost and that all over the world. It provides remittances, has next-generation treasury management, and has already supported many prominent projects. This is the first stellar-based stablecoin as well that is available on Okcoin. 

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