Switcheo’s SWTH token lists on Flamingo Finance, FLM distributions begin for liquidity providers

Switcheo has enabled the migration of its SWTH token from Neo Legacy to N3 using Carbon via Demex. NEP-17 SWTH tokens are now listed on Flamingo Finance and FLM reward distributions have begun for contributors to the FLP-FLM-SWTH pool. Contributors to the FLP-FLM-SWTH liquidity pool now share an allocation of 1.5% of FLM that mints daily, distributed according to their weight of contribution.

The SWTH token was a NEP-5 asset on Neo Legacy that listed on Neo’s DeFi platform in Nov. 2020. Before the SWTH migration to N3, Flamingo Legacy users could earn FLM rewards in the FLP-nNEO-SWTH pool until Feb. 25, 2022, when reward distributions ceased.

SWTH token holders must migrate via the Demex non-custodial exchange. The full announcement linked below details the process.

The SWTH token smart contract was minted on Neo N3 on Feb. 24, and FLM reward distribution for the FLP-FLM-SWTH pool went live on Friday, March 11.

The full announcement can be found at the link below:

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