Terra Founder Do Kwon Angrily Replies A Twitter Troll “You Didn’t Buy UST From Me”


Do Kwon has chosen not to play cool with trolls. 

Victims of Terra’s ecosystem collapse have continued to torment Do Kwon, the CEO and founder of TerraForm Labs (TFL). What started as a joke earlier today turned out to be another shade at the TFL boss. 

However, Kwon gave a cheeky response to the troll.

Following a joke that Kwon had joined Flipside Crypto as General Manager of DAO Initiatives, the TFL exec took to Twitter and commented that the development was “nice.” 

Another Twitter user with the username g3nghis.eth quizzed the TFL boss, saying: 

“/10 would smash?” , Kwon answered in the affirmative: “Yes”

The Kwon jokingly requested another user Editor-at-large at The Block ‘Chaparro’ to buy him dinner.

“Buy Me Dinner First.”

Buy me dinner first

— Do Kwon 🌕 (@stablekwon) August 23, 2022

The conversation was hijacked by a cryptocurrency influencer named Ash WSB, who requested that Kwon should first compensate UST investors. 

“Sure, After u refund the UST holders.”

Angered by the tweet, Kwon said: 

“Bro you didn’t buy any UST from me + I’ll pass on the dinner thanks.” 

Bro you didnt buy any UST from me + ill pass on the dinner thx

— Do Kwon 🌕 (@stablekwon) August 23, 2022

Terra Victims Continue Trolling Kwon

It has become normal to see cryptocurrency enthusiasts throw shades at Kwon on various social media platforms. Investors are yet to get over the losses they sustained in the massive plunge of Terra tokens, LUNA and UST. 

Despite all measures launched to compensate Terra investors, TFL still seems far from making investors whole. 

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