The Majority Of Active Ethereum Nodes Are In The Hands Of Three Major Cloud Solution Providers

According to analytics firm Messari, most active Ethereum nodes are in the hands of centralized web providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), which can influence Ethereum through central nodes. The top three cloud solution providers account for 69% of the hosted nodes on the Ethereum main network, with over 50% being Amazon Web Services (AWS), over 15% being Hetzner and 4.1% being OVH. Ethernodes numbers show that Oracle (4.1%), Alibaba (3.9%) and Google (3.5%) also provide web hosting services on Ethereum.

In its December 2020 report, Messari drew attention to the fact that the high cost of node infrastructure could leave Ethereum vulnerable. Now the analytics company is concerned about the situation around Solana. As reported by Messari, 72% of Solana's main nodes are in the hands of the same centralized web providers as the Ethereum nodes.

Nodes are most geographically concentrated in the US (46.4%) and Germany (13.4%), according to Ethernode, accounting for almost 60% of distributed Ethereum nodes worldwide. Thus, the intervention of the government of one of these two countries can seriously affect the decentralization of Ethereum.

Image: ConsenSys

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