Ukrainian Politician Asked To Provide Proof Of Crypto Acquisition

A Ukrainian regulator is accusing a politician of providing inaccurate information about her crypto holdings. According to the Ukrainian Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, Anna Skorokhod could not provide accurate information regarding the origins of his cryptocurrencies.

The Za Majbutne Party MP has 130 ETH (worth about $620,000) and 44BTC (worth about $2.89 million).

However, the regulator says it’s not satisfied with Skorokhod’s explanation about how she got the crypto assets. But the watchdog admitted that there is no conflict of interest when it comes to owning cryptos in the country.

Skorokhod Said Her Husband Made The Crypto Purchase For Her

Based on the explanation provided by Skorokhod, she has no deep knowledge about cryptocurrencies and how they work. She added that she relied on her husband, now divorced, to make the crypto purchases

However, the main argument or discrepancy the regulator is projecting is the fact that there are still $9,347 non-declared funds from the MP’s crypto accounts.

The regulator observed that there is inconsistency regarding the time the crypto assets were purchased and how much was spent buying them. It argued that the declaring entity could not provide enough convincing claims on the ownership of the said cryptos. Additionally, the entity did not provide any document or proof that can back up the acquisition claims.

The Regulator Has Initiated Criminal Proceedings

Skorokhod also said she does not know where to access the keys that would serve as proof of her acquisition of the assets. The regulator has initiated criminal proceedings on the matter after finding additional irregularities to Skorokhod,s submissions and claims of ownership. The watchdog said the acquisition date did not match the date and time when she divorced her ex-husband. She is facing a fine of $1,600 if found guilty of wrongly declaring the origin of her crypto assets.

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